Deborah Lindsey

Misti Taps on her Father-in-Law’s Hardened Heart

Wanted to share this quick success story from EFT Graduate Misti Gale as she talks about what happened when she tapped on her Father-in-Law who couldn’t get out of bed for a “hardened heart.” 

How to help your clients quit smoking

In this video, EFT master practitioner and certifying instructor, Deborah Lindsey discuss how to uncover the underlying issues that drive your client to smoke and how by tapping on these issues the client can release smoking as a habit.

As always, I would love to hear your comments – especially from those of you that have worked with smokers 🙂

Working with Children

In this video, EFT Master Practitioner and Certifying Instructor Deborah Lindsey offers some valuable tips on working with children so that you can help them heal at an early age.

I’d love to hear your comments, especially on your experiences of working with children.