How Does The Online Course Work?

Online Class. The Online EFT Tapping Certification training takes place in an online classroom environment. This means that you will do all of your training online, not as a “home study course” that you get in the mail. As an online course, you have the time that you need to learn the information, integrate the information, and apply the information. Flexible schedule.  Work from home at your own pace. Log on whenever it works for you. Easy to Use. The technology is very easy to use. Even people who have limited computer expertise can do it. Personalized Training. When you sign up we give you access to a short tutorial video. If you still need help, we will train you one on one on how the online system.

What You Need to Take the Online Course

Computer or Tablet. You’ll need a relatively modern computer or tablet that has a camera. Internet Access. You’ll need access to the internet with enough speed to watch videos.  Broadband and DSL will work fine. Dial up may not be sufficient. Skype or Ooovoo. Download these free software programs so that you can talk and tap with Deborah and the other students, which is just loads of fun!

How Long Does the Class Take?

Work at Your Own Pace: The level 1 and 2 combined course is designed as a 12-lesson course. You can take one a week or work at your own pace. Some students complete it in half that time. One student finished in 3 weeks. One student took a whole year, doing one assignment a month instead of one a week. It’s  up to you. Approximately 45 Hours: The combined class is approximately 45 learning hours in length, as is a regular college-level course.

What do the Recordings Contain?

Teaching: Some videos are PowerPoint presentations with a teaching about theory, philosophy, and/or processes. Group Class: Other videos include recordings of live online classes. You will feel like you are part of the actual live teaching. One student described it as, “like watching reality TV” where you get involved with each of the students and can watch them progress as the class goes along. It’s an excellent and interesting way to maintain a relationship with the teaching instead of rote recordings filled with information. Students report feeling like they are “part of something” in this online EFT Tapping Certification training. It’s also a chance to tap along. Demonstrations: Watch demonstrations of actual sessions.


Each of the teachings are followed by assignments, most of which involve hands-on practice. You are actually USING the EFT training in your daily life and coming back to the instructor with questions, concerns or success stories. The first part of the course, the EFT Level 1 Tapping Certification Training, is geared toward healing yourself. In this part of the course you’ll learn how to do EFT Tapping and you’ll be honing your skills by experiencing the tremendous results in your own life. We start with the Personal Peace Procedure and then get to work tapping on the issues that affect you in your own life. In the second part of the course, we focus on using EFT Tapping on helping others. In this section of the course you move from amateur to professional. Here you will learn the advanced techniques and you will learn how to apply them. You will begin working on others and reporting your results back in the forum area of the website. I have to say that I am constantly amazed at the results my students get! The people who graduate from this class are working on very complex issues, and they are doing it very quickly. You, too, will be amazed at what you can accomplish and how quickly. The goal here is to make sure that you are able to handle just about anything while also recognizing when something is outside of your league and you need to refer it to another professional. This training will ensure that you are getting results.

Quality Over Speed

I must emphasize though that I don’t focus on speed. I think people do better when given adequate time to process the information as they go along. All of this “faster EFT” stuff can be, in my mind, disrespectful of the time needed to get the job done and allow the client to process along the way. Instead we focus on clearing many layers and “collapsing the core” so that when the person is well, they are truly well.

Oversight and Interaction

I will be working with you every step of the way. I too will be reading about your results and offering kudos when it goes right or gentle guidance when you are stuck. If you have questions I am here. This separates me from most or all of the other EFT Training that you will find online. EVERYONE has access to me and I am careful not to accept too many students at a time so that I CAN interact with you.

What You Will Learn

In this training you will be learning, well, EVERYTHING that you could possibly need to know about how to successfully apply EFT. You’ll learn various processes, you’ll learn life coaching techniques, you’ll learn the science behind EFT and HOW it actually works.  You’ll learn the anatomy of the energy system, and you’ll even learn medical intuition techniques so you can very quickly drill down to the core issue and get results fast. You will also learn most of what I used to teach in my Level 3 training. The course is very advanced, toward the end, and very comprehensive.

Certification and Credits

The training counts as three credits towards a degree at the International Metaphysical University for anyone who is interested in pursuing a full degree in Holistic Healing. Your certificates will also come from IMU, which will offer a high degree of credibility to your training.

CEs for Massage Therapists

Massage Therapists in the United States will receive 45 credit hours toward maintaining and updating their massage licenses. These CEs are through NCBTMB.