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Deborah’s EFT training has changed my life! It is one of the most important factors that helped me recover from a serious burnout, completely rework my mind-set and start fresh with a solid foundation and create wonderful things in my life. Not only by doing the tapping itself, but also a lot thanks to all the work on my emotional bagage and garbage. With EFT I managed to clean out a lot of old stress. We all carry stress in our bodies, we hold on to it in our thoughts and let it stay with us for long after the “incident” took place. Everyone can benefit from tapping, because it reduces stress and cortisol levels drastically. Stress has shown direct effects on the breakdown of DNA. To anyone who wants to improve their quality of life, I highly recommend the International Metaphysical University and Deborah Lindsey’s EFT-training and certification program. www.intermetu.com .
EFT is forever a part of my life!

– Annica Törneryd, Luxembourg

Thank you for a wonderful class.Since I decided to open a business as an energy/metaphysical healer, I’ve taken several classes that cost about the same amount of money. This class is by far superior in the way that you engaged your students by using your first group of students and your dedication to responding and commenting on the assignment forums. Super pleased with your level of involvement. The software you chose for setting up your class is exceptional as well. Also, offering your one-on-one session as part of the class was a double bonus and still has me scratching my head on how powerful that session was (even though I have not quite processed what it all means yet).

– Jolleen Halloran

Thank you so much for this class, it’s already changed my life and started changing the lives of those around me. Your class is amazing and you make everything very accessible and easy to absorb. I’ve taken LOTS of classes (been in some type of training constantly since around age 5 with only about a year and half off total) and have had lots of teachers. You keep everything in bite size pieces, build on things well and keep it from being overwhelming while still moving it along. This is undoubtedly the best 400-ish bucks I have ever spent in my life!

– Russ Rouse, EFT

As a teacher for 21 years ( K-college; I teach English as A Second Language and English for native speakers too). I can tell you that I think your class is top-notch. After viewing the first two videos, I have learned a great deal, and have had two successful EFT healings on myself: a headache disappeared, but what was even more interesting was that I’m usually very tired from the afternoon on, and my fatigue also left, without addressing it at all. I did not need my usual nap, and stayed up till 11 ( very late for me) doing something fun.

– Suzanne L.

…EFT classes at IMU opened up a new world for me, with lots of possibilities for health, vigor and happiness. The class was enjoyable and filled with theoretical and practical learning. Deborah is an excellent teacher and above all a great friend. The software tool IMU uses is extremely good….

– Nanda Kumar, Dubai

I have progressed magnificently in so many areas of my life so far. My relationship with my dad has never been better and have only had one slight hiccup, which I tapped on and resolved the issue straight away. My relationship with my husband on an intimate level has had a total makeover, and our love for each other has blossomed. My weight has dropped and I have lost two dress sizes now since January and have completely changed my wardrobe, wearing skinny jeans,boots and body hugging tops that I have never worn before. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

– Vibeke McColl, Australia

I’m excited and just had to share a little info from today. I had my physical today. My blood pressure has been high since my cancer diagnosis last fall. I was worried she was going to suggest meds today. I haven’t been eating well, exercising or anything to help the situation and very stressed about my finances. The lady taking my pressure says, it’s perfect. I was shocked. The only thing I’ve been doing is EFT since July. I’d say that’s got to be it. 🙂 I don’t even think I’ve tapped on the blood pressure specifically.

– Kimberly Sweatt, Portland, ME

You know, I am so amazed at my fingernails…they are hard and grown! I used to be a hard nail biter only weeks ago and I was so used to doing it that I never thought honestly I would ever be able to give up chewing at them. But it has happened as a reflection of these deep changes in me and to tell you the truth, I think I only tapped one or two rounds on that one! 🙂  I can hardly believe I have gotten rid of all my anxiety and that old accumulated PTSD…

I wouldn’t be able to tell if it’s EFT alone, Deborah. I know YOU yourself have so much to do in this turning around. I have told you thank you so many times, but it’s never enough, really! You are definitely one of the best teachers I have ever had and I can tell you that I have been a lifelong student   😉

– Rosana Cueto Meyaro, Spain

(I am) amazed how quickly EFT unearths the deepest issues even if you don’t think you have any at the moment. It’s great, thank you Deborah for this class, there was great value in tapping with a classmate, and so much fun to meet such beautiful people across the world. Real heart to heart intimacy is created immediately without much ado, it’s great…” Thank you for a most excellent quality class. I couldn’t be happier with this program.

– Angelika Schafer, Sierra Nevada, CA

This is already such an incredible journey of self-awareness for me. Thank you Deborah! I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I can’t wait to open the gifts awaiting me in the next assignment! I have to say that since I have started tapping, unexpected surprises are arriving in my life.

– Colleen Coman, USA

Deborah, your class on forgiveness totally rocks! I stayed up until 2 am scribbling every single word!!!! You are a genius. I’ve heard these ideas before and resonate with them on a very deep level, but this is the first time I’ve heard such a clear and straight-forward explanation. And also, I could not agree with you more: Earth is a very fun place to live! 🙂

– Olga Bochareva, Russia/USA

The classes were awesome. All of your wisdom and experience that you share is priceless.

– Julie Barnes, USA

Something is shifting and I am ever so grateful to have reconnected with the value of this work and YOU ARE SO AMAZING that I am gleaning everything I can from how you work with the energy of it and I hope to be able to bring this to a new audience in a new way.

– Robin Harris, USA