Your Ideal Client

Many people struggle with the question of ¨Who is my ideal client? In this week´s live call, EFT Graduate and Mentorship Member Sandy Goodwin offered an interesting idea…. that your ideal client is YOU! 

So this got Dawn and I talking. And the conversation was interesting enough (and hopefully helpful enough) that we decided to share our thoughts with you. 

Check out the conversation below. 

Soon, you’ll have more information on the Success Path (critical for knowing where you ARE and where you’re GOING) as we finalize things and build out more content for each stage.

Thanks for being patient with you as the Mentorship Program 2.0 rolls out!

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1 thought on “Your Ideal Client”

  1. Thanks Deborah and Dawn,
    Thinking about this helps me to have better clarity as to where im at and where im going with setting up my practice. I am in the process of working with a web designer and creating my content, and your discussion has helped me to have clearer intent, thanks for the perfectionist tip lol cheers Vanessa

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